Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zetman Dub Cast Announced

Viz Media has finally announced the primary dub cast for Zetman, which is due to start airing on their 'Neon Alley' streaming service on April 20.

Jin Kanzaki - Jason Griffith
Koga Amagi - Grant George
Konoha Amagi - Sophie Roberts (an 'alternate' name for Michelle Ruff)

For anyone unaware of what Zetman is about, here's a brief synopsis from ANN.

There are two forces in the world: the Zet, who are entrusted with the survival of humanity, and the Alphas, who have chosen an extreme form of justice. In a certain city, Jin lives under a bridge with an old man, struggling to pay off debts. He carries the destiny of humanity's survival. Kouga lives on a hill and stands to inherit vast wealth. In his admiration for heroes, he seeks out the meaning of justice. They don't know it now, but they are destined to one day meet.
I haven't yet seen the anime (though I understand it's not near as well done as the manga it is based on unfortunately), so I'm even more unsure what to think of this casting than I already was. Hopefully it gets a good dub to keep me interested despite how inferior this show may be to it's original manga.

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