Friday, March 22, 2013

Sub Thoughts - Dragon Ball: Episode 21: Watch Out Kuririn!

Episode Data
Original Japanese Airdate:
July 16, 1986
Major Cast: Son Goku (Masako Nozawa), Kuririn (Mayumi Tanaka), Kame-sennin (Kohei Miyauchi), Yamucha (Toru Furuya), Bulma (Hiromi Tsuru), Oolong (Naoki Tatsuta), Puar (Naoko Watanabe), Bacterian (Yasuro Tanaka), Ranfan (Yoko Kawanami), Namu (Kaneto Shiozawa),
Synopsis: The first round of the Tenkaichi Budokai main event is Kuririn vs Bacterian! Bacterian is a formidable opponent who uses his filth as a weapon, with his foul smell paralyzing his opponents. With bad breath, farts, and the like, he assaults Kuririn with foul-smelling attacks!! The helpless Kuririn is finally downed!! At that time, Kuririn awakens from this nightmare of smells when Goku tells him “You don’t have a nose!”. Launching a fierce counterattack against Bacterian, Kuririn breaks through the first round!


At last, at last, the tournament really starts! And I'll get to the first couple of completely new characters to cover as well.

Pervy or not, I almost can't blame Roshi for going for more 'pafu-pafu' with Bulma, since to his knowledge, she HAS let him do it once already, LOL.

For some reason, I really enjoy the scene revealing all eight of the finalists. It nicely showcases how very different each one of them are from each-other.

At last, the Budokai announcer has also made his appearance. I'll reserve judgement for now, but as of now I'm thinking I much prefer Vale's performance over Kenji Utsumi's. Also, the other tournament people are also getting at least a line, but I'm reserving judgement on their seiyuu until each of their matches.

Is the announcer's misreading of Goku's name as 'Mago Gosora' completely his misreading Goku's bad spelling, or is it a reference to something else as well?

Bacterian sure doesn't say a whole lot in comparison to the number of noises he makes in either version, so it's hard for me to judge between Yasuroo Tanaka and Chris Rager's performance, as both do a good job of sounding really uncouth and...well, disgusting.

Somewhat off-topic, but I can't help but wish Pilaf had gotten to see Bacterian, given his need for proper ettiquete LOL.

As amusing as it is, I've always found it kind of odd that they point out Kuririn's lack ofa nose, when plenty of other characters in the series, due to design, also seem to lack a nose. I just assumed prior to learning of this part that it was just a design quirk for him.

Now that Bacterian is done with Kuririn getting the last laugh (if er, that's what you'd like to call his little return fire LOL), I have to come to my decision, and...I think I prefer Rager's take on Bacterian. Perhaps it's just the language barrier at work, but I find Rager's acting to better portray the disgustingness of the character than Yasuroo's did.

I could go further, but I've already got a big block of text here, I'll stop for now. It's the end of this disc anyway.

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