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Sub Thoughts - Dragon Ball: Episode 28: Clash!! Power V.S. Power

Episode Data
Original Japanese Airdate:
September 3, 1986
Major Cast: Son Goku (Masako Nozawa), Kuririn (Mayumi Tanaka), Yamucha (Toru Furuya), Bulma (Hiromi Tsuru), Kame-sennin (Kohei Miyauchi), Oolong (Naoki Tatsuta), Puar (Naoko Watanabe), Narrator (Jouji Yanami)
Synopsis: Jackie blew away the moon, guarding against Goku ever becoming an Oozaru again!! At the same time, Goku returns to his normal form, and the match is restarted. With their energy rapidly falling from exhaustion and hunger, the two muster the last of their power, and their clash unfolds. Having received slightly less damage, Jackie declares that he has won the championship, and he achieves victory. Having learned that there are many strong people in the world, Goku and Kuririn vow to train even harder!


On an unrelated note, I remember when the Dragon Ball site used to (it may still have, I don't know) have episode titles that I would later find out to be incorrect for the dub listed. This was one of them, so apparently they just listed the sub names at one point on a few episodes.

Goku's alive, hooray! I thought he was really dead... :P At any rate, the sadness and the joy were both handled really well. This episode shows what Dragon Ball is really capable of at it's best.

If Toriyama were a planning man, I'd say the announcer's comment about 'Now werewolves won't be able to transform!' gave him the idea for Man-Wolf in the second tournament. But I doubt I can give Toriyama that credit, story genius that he is he's definitely not a planner.

'What, do you find winkies to be that uncommon? I get it! You must be girls!' ...*facepalms* Goku.

I should save it for the end, but I'll say it now before I forget, I really love this fight for showing how, even when Goku HAS to lose for his own good (even if he doesn't realize it), it's still nigh impossible for him too. It's an important lesson he learns here, honestly one of the most important ones, and he learned it thanks to his first master. Er, second if we count Gohan, but still.

Awesome, I've hit an insert song that was definitely not playing in the dub, and the second it starts playing, this episode suddenly got even more awesome than before. Ohh...wait, I thought it sounded kind of familiar, it does play later in the dub for the second tournament. I remember it being mentioned as such in Magic's song guide now.

See Magic! I DO read it! I do!

At any rate, I'm used to hearing the Phillipines dub of this song actually, but I haven't heard the original in forever, and it kicks so much copious butt. It was the perfect song to close out this fight with. Had the story ended here (as it sort-of could have, again fitting with Toriyama's shorter story style), I'd have been satisfied. Mind you, I'm glad there's a lot more to go yet, but I just mean that it feels so...resolved. This is definitely one of the best parts in the show.

Even after transforming, even after running out of energy, and even after Roshi's carefully thought out plan to use his longer legs to his advantage, Goku ALMOST wins. No matter how you look at it, even at this point he's an amazing guy.

Heh, I remember the joke in the dub being Goku saying he should save some room for dessert, whereas in the sub he says that 'moderation is good, right?'. I find both jokes funny, but the sub wins this one. It seems more in Goku's nature to think that he's eating lightly, rather than him thinking he's saving room for anything, LOL.

And even the narrator gets in on the joke. 'Ate until they were fu - er, rather, satisfied'. XD

I've never really paid attention to it, but that plane that's flying overhead as the narrator says something about 'the next adventure awaits' - is it supposed to be a Red Ribbon plane?

Either way, so ends the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, and with it, disc four of the first Season Set. This feels like a really good place to stop, but still yet there are three episodes I want to cover so I can be done with this set and ready to move onto the next when I continue. So even though this arc was resolved very nicely, here we go!

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