Sunday, March 17, 2013

AMV Sunday - Cowboy's Gonna Cut You Down

AMV Link: Here
AMV Creator: Dark Crystal (Upload by RemyKiddoSky)
Series: Cowboy Bebop
Song: 'God's Gonna Cut You Down' by Johnny Cash


I'm not much for this type of music, but ever since I heard this particular Johnny Cash tune playing in the trailer for the True Grit remake, it caught my attention and quickly became one of those songs that I really enjoy despite myself. And as usual, once I come across a song like that, I look to see if there's any good AMVs using it. That's how I stumbled across this particular little gem.

Believe it or not, I'm also not near as big of a Cowboy Bebop fan as most are, but man does it fit perfectly with this song. The main theme of Bebop, as I interpreted it anyway, is that you can't escape your past - be it the criminals that Spike and the gang hunt down for bounties, or Spike with his own unscrupulous past - it doesn't matter, your past is going to catch up with you. A bit of a dark thought, but one that is expressed perfectly in the lyrics and tone of Cash's song.

While I'm not the biggest Bebop fan, I do really, really love it's movie, so the fact that this AMV uses mostly (if not all) footage from the movie rather than the show works greatly for me, though that does diminish the effectiveness of the song's meanings toward Spike. It'd be a little better with some footage of Spike's past and Vicious, but that's still not enough to detract from how great this video is.

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