Monday, March 11, 2013

New 'Battle of Gods' Trailer for IMAX

The big premiere of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is just around the corner, with some early screenings even sooner than that (as early as tomorrow I believe), and in preparation for that, the Japanese website for the movie has put out a new trailer for the film in IMAX. You can view the trailer easier from the Youtube upload here.

The new trailer clocks in at about :30 seconds, and may have some new dialogue, but I have no idea what has been said on it just yet, but I'll update this post with it later should I come across one. The trailer shows a handful of new scenes such as Goku leaning into the frame and smirking, a new shot of SS Goku powering up, various characters' reactions to someone powering up, Shenron being summoned, and Vegeta being punched into the water. No sign yet of the appearance of the mysterious 'Super Saiyan God', but we do see a new design for a minor character, which can be seen at the start of this article.

A lot of people (myself included) had been wondering what happened to Krillin and #18's daughter Marron, as she had been shown in a few earlier materials but hadn't been seen since then. Apparently it was because she too has gotten a new design, but isn't exactly a major enough character to be included in any of the marketing push, so it just hadn't surfaced until now. That's my theory on it anyway. I'll also add that her new look is absolutely adorable.

We're almost there guys, almost there!

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