Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Leo, Mikey, & Donnie Cast in New TMNT

In addition to the previous casting of Alan Ritchson as Raphael in the TMNT reboot film from Michael Bay/Jonathan Liebesman (currently set for a June 6, 2014 release), we now have actors cast for the other three Turtles.

Pete Ploszek (who I'm unable to find any credible link for) will play Leonardo. Noel Fisher, best known for Mickey Milkovich on Shameless and Cael Malloy on The Riches, will portray Michelangelo. Jeremy Howard, who has thus far done mainly random background roles, will be Donatello.

The news report also indicates that Megan Fox will (not surprisingly) indeed be playing April O'Neil, and that the Turtles will be achieved by motion capture much in the line of 'Avatar'.

While I remain cautiously optimistic about these unknown faces for the Turtles, I am hesitant as always about Megan Fox as April. I'm almost even more hesitant about the idea of 'Avatar' graphics, as if they go too far in that route, the Turtles won't merge well with the reality around them in the film. Granted, that could be the least of our problems, but we'll just have to see how this all plays out.

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