Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 677

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Synopsis: Title Page for Chapter 31; Kakarot (Universe 13) asks Krillin (Universe 9) if it's really him, and Kuririn scowls at the 'murderous Saiyan' talking to him.

Thoughts: Not much to really say on this, as it's a title chapter page, but let's dissect what little there is to take from this.

The chapter title 'The Turtle and the Golem! The Dwarf Against the Giant!' doesn't really tell us much of anything that we didn't already know, what with the match we're about to see being Krillin against Tapion. This does seem to suggest that Hirudegarn will come into play in ways more than his power being used by Tapion though.

It's a little inaccurate to call Krillin a 'dwarf' though, but we'll let that slide for now.

As for the character interaction on this page, I'm not sure if we'll actually see these two converse as such in this chapter, but other than that, the cover seems legitimate enough. Krillin seems to have a deep hatred for everything 'unnatural' and 'evil' in this incarnation, and the one soft spot this version of Goku has does seem to involve it'll be interesting to see where this all leads if we do ever get to see them talk.

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