Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New 'Battle of Gods' Plot Details Revealed!


 Over the past few days, additional plot details for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie, 'Battle of Gods', have been revealed from two sources! In advance, thanks goes to Kanzenshuu for every bit of this.

First up, was a new chapter of the 'Dragon Ball SD' manga that runs in 'Saikyo Jump'. In the April 2013 issue however, instead of getting another chapter re-telling the manga as has been the norm for a while, a special 'Battle of Gods SD' chapter ran in it's place. In this chapter of manga, some plot details from the beginning of the film that we already knew about have been put into a proper order, with more subtext added in.

Keep in mind that the exact details showcased here, and what will actually be in the movie, however, may be be a little different.

"The story begins on King Kai's planet with him, Goku, and Bubbles. King Kai becomes agitated when he senses Bils' awakening. Goku asks him what's up, and King Kai describes the God of Destruction to him. He then stammers Bils' name as he realizes that he is standing right behind him - the cat-guy, however, not the "lanky pale-blue guy" that Goku thought was him at first, who is actually Bils' attendant. Bils says it's been a long time since they last met, however he's here now because he has business with the Saiyan.

Bils tells Goku of a prophetic dream about 'Super Saiyan God', but Goku says he's only ever heard of regular Super Saiyans. King Kai hasn't heard of it either, so Bils decides to leave (at Whis's suggestion) to inquire with the Saiyan Prince on a planet called 'Earth'. Before he leaves, he agrees to Goku's request to fight him however, since Goku's heard he's really strong. Bils tells Goku to come at him with his full power, so Goku revs up to Super Saiyan 3. Whis is slightly impressed, but Bils instructs Goku to come at him. Surprised they're not taken aback, Goku flies in with a punch, and a large explosion occurs - when it clears however, Bils has effortlessly stopped Goku's fist with his hand. Bils flicks Goku in the forehead, sending him tumbling around the planet. Bils then leaves for Earth to talk to Vegeta, and with Goku down for the count, King Kai snaps out of his stupor and contacts Vegeta.

Back on Earth, everyone is gathered at Capsule Corp. for Bulma's birthday party. Krillin asks how old she is, but she tells him to shut up while Vegeta comments that it's the 'same lousy thing' every year. King Kai contacts Vegeta and explains the situation, and says that whatever he does, he must not anger Bils', as he could destroy not only the Earth, but the entire galaxy.

Vegeta is freaked out, not least because of the party around him. As Krillin plays with his daughter, Piccolo sings karaoke (much to the dismay of Goten and Trunks), everyone toasts to Bulma's health, when Vegeta notices Bils' lounging on a deck chair nearby. King Kai wasn't exageratting - Bils is a HUGE deal. Bils' asks Vegeta about 'Super Saiyan God', and Vegeta repeats the phrase back."

The chapter ends on that note, saying that for the rest, you'll have to see the movie for yourself. Most of this story we already more-or-less knew, but getting it all put into a proper order like this still gives us a new look into the story we're going to be treated with. The original Kanzenshuu article on this can be seen here.

The final bit of movie news comes from the March 2013 issue of Cinecom Walker, a movie magazine in Japan. It had a big section on the movie (which is where the picture above came from), and reveals a couple of other tidbits.

- The one who makes Bils' lose his cool in the end is actually Majin Buu, who gets into some kind of fight with him.
- Vegeta casts aside his pride and tries to keel Bils in a good mood.
- Gohan (in Saiyaman uniform) appears to be drunk (that would explain the pelvic thrusting)

The original Kanzenshuu article with this tidbit can be seen here.

So it looks like, on top of this movie being chock full of great action, we're going to have some amazing humor as well. I literally cannot wait to see this movie with my own two eyes!

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