Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Battle of Gods Promos

Now I know even a small part of what Kanzenshuu feels, as even MORE Battle of Gods news has come out before we even get to the release date! Thankfully this time it's not very substantial though, and comes in the form of just four new promos airing on Japanese TV.

The first new promo focuses on the fighting in the film, and showcases a few new action shots such as Super Saiyan Goku flying upward; Bils rushing towards SS Goku to attack and getting gut-punched; Bils being knocked far away through an area of buildings; and finally SS Goku yelling something in the wake of a large energy ball heading his way.

The second is more of an emotional video, with Shoko Nakagawa (who plays the Oracle Fish in the film) talking about the film, though at this exact moment I'm unsure of what she's saying. A few new shots are shown here however, showing Goku spreading his arms outward as they summon Shenron; putting everyone's reaction to something with wind blowing seeming to be more from that than it was someone powering up; a brief shot (which is pictured above) of Oolong chewing Goku out for something as he laughs, with Bulma and Vegeta both scowling at him; and Goku struggling to stop an energy ball that's coming towards him.

The third is decidedly more humorous than previous promos, and may be my favorite. The only new footage in it shows Goku in a track suit smiling; a pan over our group of heroes; Buu mocking Bils with a kissy-kissy face; and Vegeta's over the top smile. The great thing about this promo though is that it's got a running commentary over it by Frieza (Ryusei Nakao) and Cell (Norio Wakamoto), which is absolutely hilarious. Their dialogue basically contains them talking smack about each other not being in the movie. A translation of their dialogue, as seen below, is thanks to Kanzenshuu.

Frieza: The first movie in 17 years?!
Cell: It's an all-star cast, but I'm not in it?!
Frieza: Fu-fu-fu, Frieza-sama appears in the movie!
Cell: !!!
Goku: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods!
Cell: Apparently, you're in a non-speaking role!
Frieza: What's that?!

I absolutely love that they got these two veteran actors to reprise their roles yet again for nothing more than a promotion for the movie, even if they're not actually in it.

The fourth and final new promo is more or less another rehash of the previous ones that were simply shorter versions of one of the two trailers, and as far as I can tell this one doesn't show us anything else new, but just for the sake of coverage, I thought I'd mention it.

The movie officially opens in Japan on March 30, and it already feels like the film is EVERYWHERE. Can the hype possibly get any higher before then? I can't wait to find out the answer to that question.

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