Friday, March 1, 2013

No 'Super Saiyan' Gohan in Battle of Gods

Thanks to my old friend Clinton Lee Kindle (AKA Canine) for dropping me a line about this one.

On his official Twitter page, Yusuke Watanabe - the screenwriter for 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods' - has recently confirmed that despite earlier indications - such as the screenshot above - Gohan will not be transforming into a Super Saiyan in this movie.

"Oh, and also, this is a spoiler, so it’s kind of “that”, but in the movie proper, Gohan isn’t a Super Saiyan! By all means, please do check it out in the actual movie!"

Credit for the translation, and the original news blurb that Clinton referred me to, go to Kanzenshuu yet again.

While this does possible answer some questions a lot of fans had about whether or not Gohan could actually still transform into a Super Saiyan or not in this point in the story - or at least push the question away for now - it leaves a lot of questions about whether or not this was actually planned all along, or if Gohan's transformation was an error they're having to fix in the animation now? Were those earlier screenshots like the one above, and another of Super Saiyan Gohan getting his face smacked into Buu's, scenes that were made for marketing purposes only? Or are they still going to be in the film, just color corrected to show "Mystic" or "Ultimate" Gohan instead?

On a personal note, I was fine either way, since if you wanted to bring Dragon Ball GT into the mix, Gohan does again turn Super Saiyan there, so there could have been something here with which to further connect GT back to it's predecessors, but now fan speculation on that will have to run as wild as ever.

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