Friday, March 1, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 675

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Synopsis: Tapion asks Raichi what he's talking about, but Raichi brushes him off. Tapion then says for them to do their best in order to have their wishes granted, and Raichi agrees as both depart onto the ship with the Vargas. In the control room, two Vargas decide that it's time to return to the arena universe as they have enough fighters.

Thoughts: Nothing really to add on this one, other than a possible 'lost in translation' moment. The Vargas say they have enough fighters, when just a few pages before they said this was among the first universes they went to, so they shouldn't really have anyone's possible that they really mean that that's enough for this universe they suppose, or that time has moved forward before that last panel maybe. It's a little unclear though.

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