Sunday, March 24, 2013

'Hotties' Saturday - Tae Anegasaki

Hottie Stats
Name: Tae Anegasaki
Series: School Rumble
About: The school's infirmary nurse who is also loved by the boys. This has encouraged many boys to get injured or feign injury so that they can get close to her. Prior to taking this job, she briefly let Harima stay at her apartment when his dream of becoming a manga artist was temporarily crushed after he found out that his idol, the manga artist Nijō jō was really Karasuma. Anegasaki is attracted to Harima and calls him affectionately by his pen name Hario, although Harima has rejected her advances. Her belief in and support of Harima helped him get over his depression and return to school. She later becomes the faculty sponsor for the girls' basketball team.
English Actor: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Japanese Actor: Sayaka Ohara
Large Picture: Here


They say guys have a thing for hot nurses. I never really thought about it before, but then she came onto the scene...I think I get the attraction now, hehe. Jokes about hot nurses aside, this lady has a lot more going on for her than her looks. She's also a really kind person, willing to take in and help Harima even though they've just met, and she also sees him in a different light than just his age - though it's possible she didn't realize how young he was, and their age difference isn't that large I believe - and is somewhat attracted to him I believe. She just sees him as 'Harima', plain and simple. She's also got a bit of a zany side, given the way she acts in the basketball side story in season two, and zany is always a welcome addition to any hottie's personality.

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