Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update: Fairy Tail and One Piece

Just a few news tidbits I wanted to throw out to you all, as we move forward.

I had planned to continue doing chapter-by-chapter reviews of Fairy Tail, but in doing so, it's taking up way too much of my writing time in comparison to other updates and my own personal original writing, not to mention just taking way too long to read it. Don't worry though, I still plan on documenting my journey through the manga – we're just shifting gears a bit here.

The most recent chapter review – Chapter 13 – will be the last, as it is the final chapter contained in Volume 2. The Fairy Tail reviews will continue onward in 'Volume' format from this point forward. This also means that I cannot guarantee them to continue coming out on a 'daily' basis anymore unfortunately.

In addition to that – you may have noticed that despite having two chapters each in the weekly Bleach and Naruto coverings, there haven't been any One Piece reviews as originally promised. This is because I overestimated how nigh-impossible it would be to review One Piece in such a form. I love the series, I've read every chapter and am completely up to date on it – but it's something that's way too in-depth, character-filled, and overall insane for me to cover in a weekly manner – at least not in any way that's worth reading.

As such, there will be no weekly One Piece reviews. My apologies for not being able to carry through on this one.

Thank you for understanding this shift in blog policy (for lack of a better word).

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