Sunday, March 10, 2013

Toonami News: T.O.M. 5, One Piece, & More!

Earlier today at Momocon, the Toonami crew made some pretty major announcements regarding new material coming to the block in the rest of the year.

First up, sometime next month they will be revealing a brand new look for Toonami as a brand. New look for T.O.M. (which can be seen above, as well as in this turnaround video), a new Absolution, and even a brand new logo. There still won't be a return of Sara or the Clydes yet however. I'm a little unsure how I feel about the new look for T.O.M. 5, he looks a little retro - but there's definitely possibilities. The new Absolution has me intrigued too, but with the new logo, I just hope it still has the same iconic font used.

Speaking of the new look for T.O.M., Toonami will be releasing an online comic at some point within the next couple of months, which will reveal how T.O.M. 3 originally became T.O.M. 4 (the Thomas the Tank Engine design that the original Toonami block ended with), how T.O.M. 4 became T.O.M. 3.5 (the form we currently have on TV), where Sara and the Clydes are, and how we end up with the new stuff. All of this has me EXTREMELY excited.

Fans of One Piece will be pleased as well, as they have confirmed that the show will be returning home to Toonami at some point this year! It may replace Tenchi Muyo! GXP after it's run ends, or may come in later, it's unknown at the moment. They also aren't sure at what point in the show they'll start their airings. I for one am hoping they'll start from the beginning, even if it is a really long show.

For some more immediate news, next week for Toonami's birthday, they'll be airing Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone, the first in the ongoing series of 'remake' films for the franchise. Personally, I already have the 1.01 version of the film, but I'll be checking this out simply to see if there's anything else cool that I don't have yet. Unfortunately however, they were unable to make a new promo for the movie.

In addition to Eva 1.11, there will be some other goodies airing on their birthday next week. It's gonna be some good stuff I bet.

They are also still looking into some more shorter series to air as well as their usual long-running titles, so hope for fans outside of the shonen camp don't have to give up hope just yet.

That about covers it. If you're an anime fan and a Toonami fan, this is a really exciting time, and it's great to see the block flourishing as much as it has since it's return last year. Let's hope it continues to grow at this rate!

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