Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Hotties' Saturday - Itoko Osakabe

Hottie Stats
Name: Itoko Osakabe
Series: School Rumble
About: The physics teacher and Harima's older cousin. Itoko is also Harima's roommate and guardian, although she makes him pay for his share of the rent. She later evicted Harima after he volunteered to become engaged to Eri as a favor, resulting in him residing with Yakumo and Sarah in the Tsukamoto residence. Though she does not show it, she does care for him and realises just how much Tenma has changed him. Her figure is admired by the perverted boys of Class 2-C. She has a fear that her past will get brought up, a weakness which Sasakura uses against her.
English Actor: Stephanie Young
Japanese Actor: Yu Asakawa
Large Picture: Here


Teacher's are another 'kink' for a lot of people, and just like nurses, I usually don't understand it. With her though, I totally get it...Rumble has the best tsunderes, heh.

 My pervy jokes aside (though they are so fun to make), she's not one of my favorites from Rumble, but is definitely a hottie in more than just a physical sense. As her description says, she really, truly cares for her cousin, and wants to see him happy (even if she gives him hell too, because that's fun). I think she really cares for all of her students too, and sticks up for them somewhat even in some of their more insane moments...such as the gun fights. All in all, she's a great lady who I hope ends up with someone awesome in the end.

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