Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 679

Read It Here:

Synopsis: Krillin strikes Tapion with his elbow, knocking him backwards, before he quickly dashes behind Tapion for another attack. He kicks Tapion hard in another direction, sending him flying backwards, crashing to the ground and skidding away. Tapion finally stops, and stands up, sheathing his sword and reaching for his ocarina.

Thoughts: As before, there's really not a lot to say on this page, as it's all about the fighting. Beta's art continues to be a pretty good choice on the part of Salagir, but it's still not in Gogeta Jr.'s level - but it's more than suitable. It looks like things are about to get drastic, as Tapion is probably about to unleash Hirudegarn - but I for one am really hoping that Krillin actually has it in him to win this yet.

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