Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Battle of Gods Screenshots

'Let's GOD!!' indeed! As I keep pressing, the countdown to 'Battle of Gods' official premiere in Japan is getting closer and closer, but oddly enough the main story of the movie is actually pretty well fleshed out thanks to a member of Kanzenshuu who was able to see the movie at a preview screening. I'm waiting until the full synopsis is up there to go into a full thoughts post, but for now, have some more screenshots from the movie to dig into!

First up, a shot of Supreme Kai (or Kibito Kai rather) seeming to freak out about something. I assume this is from the beginning of the movie, due to a plot point that, again, I'm kind of waiting to go over (I'm sure you've read it over at Kanzenshuu anyway).

A quick shot of the Pilaf gang, in their new child forms, looking somewhat perturbed.

Super Saiyan Goku, looking rather angry about something happening. Hmm...

Goku, on the ground, battered, beaten, and defeated! This shot was briefly seen before in one of the latest trailers.

Super Saiyan Vegeta in a huge moment of rage, again possibly tying in to a few particular plot points that I can think of.

And the final new shot comes from a new magazine scan in Weekly Shonen Jump, and shows Super Saiyan God blocking a punch from Bils. The fight is almost here guys, the 'Battle of Gods' is just about here.

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