Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 676

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Synopsis: As the Vargas begin to fly the ship back to the arena universe, they stop as they pick up another large power on a small planet known as 'Earth'. On the read-out screen, a Namekian face is shown. One Vargas comments that usually nobody very strong is on that planet, and the other retorts in agreement that they probably won't find more there in other universes. They send an annoucement through the ship intercoms that they've found another planet, so arrival at the arena will be delayed. In a shadowed part of the ship, Bardock says that's not a problem, as he knew about it already.

Thoughts: My complaint on the previous page about them saying they had enough fighters already, seems to have been mitigated well here. It seems like they meant that in regards to this universe in particular - so it was probably more of a comment like 'That's enough from here I suppose'.

The little tease about them finding another power, and the fact that it's obviously King Piccolo, makes me really excited. I'm eager to get back to the main story of course, but if this means the next special will be about King Piccolo from this particular universe, and how he got to be so strong...I'm beyond excited for that.

I also got a cheap laugh out of the Vargas thinking it's weird that there's people so strong on Earth, and thinking it must be a fluke in this particular universe. Oh, how quickly they're going to be proven wrong...

And of course, Bardock makes an obligatory 'I'm psychic' reference, which actually made me smirk more than it should really. It is fun to see that they've already got him though, that way we probably won't have to sit through another entire special about him to see how he got contacted for this tournament - though I admit, I would kind of like to see how Raichi brought upon the fall of the Saiyans, since he wouldn't have Ghost warriors yet.

I think I've heard that this is the last page of this chapter, so the next page in a few days should be the cover page for the next chapter.

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