Sunday, March 31, 2013

AMV Sunday - Summer Wars 2: The Cyrus Virus

AMV Link: Here
AMV Creator: Ileia (Uploaded by MyFavouriteAMV's)
Film: Summer Wars
Song: 'Party in the U.S.A.' by Miley Cyrus


Sometimes, a good AMV comes along and makes you love it even when the song itself isn't that great. I'm not talking about the same phenomena I was in a previous entry, where it makes you like the song - I mean an AMV is just so well made that you love it despite disliking the song. This AMV is one of them.

Part of why this video works is because you're not really supposed to like the song any better by the end of it. No, the entire purpose of this one is to tear down the song you're hearing, and it's done in a great parallel to the actual movie itself (which you HAVE to see if you haven't already). It's just simply an amazingly well made video, with humor that works because it's taking itself so seriously in an almost over-the-top fashion. It gets particularly good when it starts splicing in footage of Miley Cyrus herself randomly.

If you can survive the song long enough to enjoy this video, you're not gonna regret it, I promise!

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