Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse – Page 686

Synopsis: Hirudegarn throws a punch towards Krillin, which Krillin is barely able to dodge. Hirudegarn then attacks with another few stabs of his tail, which Krillin is also barely able to dodge. Krillin is finally forced to drop his Kaio-ken and land on the ground, out of breath and seemingly out of energy. Tapion watches all of this, and thinks to himself that Krillin is finally getting tired, so this fight should almost be at it's end.

Thoughts: I've decided on the major reason I really don't want Tapion to win this - he's not doing anything! He's just letting Hirudegarn attack Krillin, like some kind of summon or Pokemon/Digimon type situation, rather than actually doing anything himself. I was liking the idea of Tapion using Hirudegarn's power as his own at first, but not when it's done like this. If he was just using it's power from within his own body (kind of like Naruto in Fox Mode in Naruto), then I'd like it more, but as things stand now...yeah. I'm really, really hoping Krillin can figure out a way to pull one over here.

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