Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sub Thoughts - Dragon Ball: Episode 16: Training -- The Rock Hunt

Episode Data
Original Japanese Airdate:
June 11, 1986
Major Cast: Son Goku (Masako Nozawa), Kuririn (Mayumi Tanaka), Kame-sennin (Kohei Miyauchi), Lunch (Mami Koyama), Narrator (Joji Yanami)
Synopsis: Moving to a large island, Kame-sennin begins the training. First, in order to learn Goku and Kuririn’s ability, he measures how fast they can run 100 meters. The two look promising, and Kame-sennin gives them some training before dinner. It’s a great trial where he throws a stone with the “kame” mark on it into the jungle, then tells the two to find it! The person who doesn’t manage to find it will go without dinner! Goku and Kuririn take this severe training in earnest!! The sly Kuririn seizes victory in this contest!


I'd almost forgotten what a complete suck-up Kuririn is at this age. And yet, he's still one of my favorite characters.

Having heard more of the dark side of Lunch now, I'm about even between Koyama and McCoy. Both sound kind of forced in this half of the role, but it works in both cases, so I really can't decide this time.

Now how in the heck does Mr. Popo get thwacked with the racial card when the woman in this episode doesn't? The one Kuririn goes to get a pen from I mean. I know, I know - part of it is because this is a throw-away character and Popo has multiple appearances, but still.

I'd also forgotten what a jerk Kuririn is at this age too. I like how he turns out later too, but he's just plain awesome here too.

The one time Goku doesn't get to eat, it's in his favor with the pufferfish heh.

I didn't end up having much to say on this episode either, but it wasn't by any means unenjoyable, it just presented less new stuff to the table. This'll be it for now, I had to hit the hay pretty early last night after having woken up so early yesterday. Hopefully I'll at least get to the opening of the Tenkaichi Budokai next time.

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