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Sub Thoughts - Dragon Ball: Episode 19: The Tenkaichi Budokai Begins!

Episode Data
Original Japanese Airdate:
July 2, 1986
Major Cast: Son Goku (Masako Nozawa), Kuririn (Mayumi Tanaka), Kame-sennin (Kohei Miyauchi), Lunch (Mami Koyama), Bulma (Hiromi Tsuru), Yamucha (Toru Furuya), Oolong (Naoki Tatsuta), Puar (Naoko Watanabe), Narrator (Joji Yanami)
Synopsis: Goku and Kuririn continue their training by wearing 40 kg shells on their back! The two are aiming for the Tenkaichi Budokai, which opens in a month!! The day before the tournament, Kame-sennin takes them to the island where it will be held! At the tournament registration area, Goku reunites with Yamucha, Bulma, Oolong, and Puar. Goku is delighted when he learns that Yamucha is also participating! The next day, the Tenkaichi Budokai is at last decided!!


On this episode, I varied my title a bit from what my DVD reads. It used 'Tournament' in place of Budokai. It's a translation, but Tenkaichi Budokai looks better together than Tenkaichi Tournament to me, so I'm just nit-picking.

Just another quick Japanese lesson for me and for you guys, did you know that 'Itadakimasu' is said before meals, basically meaning (according to the subs anyway) 'We humbly accept this food'. Think of it as like saying grace I guess. I knew it, but I never knew the 'u' at the end was silent. Also, it looks like 'Ogari' or 'Okari' or something along those lines is how one would ask for 'Another helping!' - given how Goku and Kuririn say it though, this may not be the proper polite way of saying it.

You know, it may just be Goku's stupidi - er, Gokuidity, in action again when he keeps thinking Roshi's in the bathroom, but the old guy DOES spend an awful lot of time in there...I'm thinking of a time in the Saiyan arc in particular.

Also, just a quick animation error I noticed, when there's a close-up on Roshi's face after the table falls on him, his glasses are yellow, but when it goes back to the full scene his glasses are red as they should be.

It just had it happen again when he's explaining something to the boys later on too...only for much bigger scenes. I guess they just couldn't decide what color his sunglasses should be early on?

...And then it switches to red again in the little scene right after...then right back to yellow. Never mind, I think this is just a colorist's incompetence. *facepalms*

It hasn't said so, but I wonder if Yamucha's decision to go into the woods to train was based on how Goku grew up? He may have decided that maybe that's how the boy got so strong at a young age, and tried to emulate it.

I dunno which version of the scene with the boys jumping really high I like better. In the dub, they comment about how something has changed between them, and then land laughing, now realizing that they've become best friends. In this original version however, they realize that they jumped really high, and land laughing at how awesome it is...the dub may be an overstatement of the fact that they've become friends, but the sub is an understatement. I can't decide which handles it better.

I noticed they put an almost-full moon in the background scene when the plane is flying at night. Was this a hint for what's coming they threw in maybe, since I imagine the manga was well past that point by this part of the anime?

You know, we never do see Roshi in one of the gi that he gives Goku and Kuririn, not even when he actually fights later on. Also, I noticed that there's no blue undershirt yet.

And as this episode draws to a close, I realize that I have another episode to get through before the tournament REALLY starts. It's a good thing DB is so enjoyable or this'd be driving me mad. Actually, I already sorta dread doing the reviews for Z when I get there...

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