Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 680

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Synopsis: Krillin is surprised by how strong Tapion is, and comments that he seems to have some sort of shield. Tapion likewise realizes that Krillin is much too fast for him, he won't be able to keep up. Having no other choice, he finishes sheathing his sword, before apologizing to Krillin because he's about to be more violent. Holding onto the wrist with the bracelet, he yells for something to come out and fight for him, and a huge swirling mass begins to form in the air around him, as Krillin watches on.

Thoughts: Krillin shows his perception as a fighter with his realization about Tapion, while Tapion shows he's not exactly an idiot either (despite him supposedly not being much of a fighter). That said though, there's a confusing point with these pages, as it seemed before like he was reaching for his ocarina. He seems like he's doing that again here too, but he never goes for it...he only uses the bracelet to summon Hirudegarn. Why does he even keep the ocarina at all anymore then?

Also, I'm still wondering how him summoning Hirudegarn directly instead of just using it's power isn't cheating, but should be an entertaining fight at least. I'm still rooting for Krillin to win somehow or another.

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