Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 687

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Synopsis: Krillin lands on the ground, and raises his hands beside him. He is forced to jump and dodge another punch from Hirudegarn, and from midair he fires an energy blast right over Hirudegarn's shoulder. Yamcha (from the same universe as this Krillin) comments that it had to happen eventually, and it seems that Krillin's old age has gotten the best of him and screwed up his aiming. Videl (again, from the same universe) calls Yamcha a moron. Krillin comments that this is his last shot!

Thoughts: This could be it folks! Or it could not be. Actually, either way it probably is, but it may end badly for Krillin if this really is the last of his energy, because I don't see Tapion being so stupid as to just stand there and get hit surely. I'd like it if he was taken out, but that does seem a little much.

There has been some discussion about what exactly Krillin is doing here though. Is he just firing a generic energy beam, or is it the same 'splitting' technique that he used to kill a bunch of Saibamen early in the Z portion of the series? It'd be interesting to see that come back, especially if Tapion does dodge, so I'm hoping for that. It has also been suggested that perhaps it's the Mafuba, which the hand positions do kind of support...but seeing as how Krillin didn't grab anything out to seal Tapion into, I'm not thinking it's that.

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