Friday, March 15, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 681

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Synopsis: Hirudegarn finally manifests fully - in his complete form - from the mist that exits Tapion. Krillin stands there shocked, commenting that that's sure something else, as Tapion calmly orders Hirudegarn to attack. Vegito (Universe 16) comments that Tapion can keep the whole of Hirudegarn inside of him after all, while Goku (Universe 18, the canon universe) is surprised that Tapion and Hirudegarn are friends now. Raichi watches from the sidelines and says that it's thanks to his amazing talents.

Thoughts: It's no surprise that Hirudegarn is whole now, nor that he's certainly imposing to poor Krillin - but I haven't given up hope yet. Krillin could still win this! Maybe. ...Okay, it's a long shot, but if he does lose, I hope he at least does good enough to force Hirudegarn into his second form, since that would be cool to see. And then we get the peanut gallery commenting on it, which I'm suspecting we might see more of on the next page. Also, I'd like to comment that while Beta is a great stand in, their art still isn't near what we were getting out of Gogeta Jr. before, so I still miss that guy.

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