Saturday, March 2, 2013

'Hotties' Saturday - Mikoto Suoh (School Rumble)

Hottie Stats
Name: Mikoto Suoh
Series: School Rumble
About: Mikoto is a close friend of Tenma. She is a tomboyish large-breasted very pretty young woman who has a black belt in kenpo. She is often seen sparring with her childhood friend, Hanai. Mikoto is very athletic; she learns how to swim when forced to and becomes a competent basketball player in a short amount of time. Although Mikoto always tries to help out others when they are having relationship problems, she has trouble facing her own relationship issues. She is very popular with the boys for her determination and amazing talent in sport, but mainly for her large breasts. Imadori especially constantly tries to touch her.
English Actor: Brina Palencia
Japanese Actor: Hitomi Nabatame
Large Picture: Here


Ah, dear Mikoto. So sweet and friendly, while also being badass beyond words. PERFECT combination for an anime hottie.

 I mean, there's just something about her that draws all types of other male characters in the show to her - other than, you know...those - that it's hard not to start to realize how great of a girl she is yourself. She's certainly my #1 pick for all of the girls of School Rumble, and that's quite a few.

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