Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Long Hiatus is Over

Just a little over two years ago, you may have noticed an abrupt end to this site. I mentioned over on our Facebook page that I was having to take a short break from reviewing and posting for a while, but as you can tell, that short break...ended up being quite a bit longer than anticipated. I'm not going to lie – I sort of got burnt out trying to run this all on my own, as well as real life ending up intruding far too much upon my real time.

That was two years ago though. Things have changed a fair amount in my life since then. I have a better, more stable job and income flow. I'm in a much better position in life than I was then. Overall things are just better. In addition to that, I'm also going to be bringing on more help on the blog little by little, so as to make this not only a larger conglomerate of writers and interests, but also lessening the load on myself alone trying to keep the fire lit.

So thanks for sticking around if you did guys, and to all newcomers, welcome aboard. There's a LOT of cool stuff going down this year, and lots of good stuff in nerdy years of old, and we plan to talk about a lot of it.

We're back baby. Reverse Bang. But not the dirty kind. Unless you're totally into that.

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