Monday, April 13, 2015

The Boy and the Beast's Second Trailer Posted, Cast Announced

The second trailer for Mamoru Hosoda's upcoming film 'The Boy and the Beast' has just been released.

The film will tell a story set in the human world's Shibuya ward of Tokyo, as well as the bakemono realm. These two worlds are not meant to intersect, but one day, a lonely bakemono named Kumatetsu discovers a lonely boy lost in the bakemono world, and takes him on as a disciple which he re-names Kyuta.

Hosoda first gained notoriety with his previous films 'The Girl Who Leapt Through Time' and 'Summer Wars' before following it up with 'Wolf Children' in 2012, but the man's work goes back a long ways. Before breaking out on his own, he directed both of the 'Digimon Adventure' films (most notably 'Our War Game' – or the second half of 'The Movie' was it was released in the US – which shares many similarities with Summer Wars) as well as the sixth One Piece film.

In addition to the trailer, the cast of the film was also recently announced.

Kumatetsu – Koji Yakusho
Kyuta (child) – Aoi Miyazaki
Kyuta (adolescent) – Shota Sometani
Kaede – Suzu Hirose
Grand Master – Masahiko Tsugawa
Monk Momoaki – Lily Franky
Tatara – Yo Oizumi
Iozan – Kazuhiro Yamaji
Ichirohiko (younger) – Haru Kuroki
Ichirohiko (older) – Mamoru Miyano
Jiromaru (younger) – Momoka Ohno
Jiromaru (older) – Kappei Yamaguchi
Chiko – Sumire Morohoshi
Kyuta's Father – Keishi Nagatsuka
Kyuta's Mother – Kumiko Asou

As a huge fan of all of Hosoda's previoius works, my level of excitement for this film is off the charts!

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