Friday, April 3, 2015

Persona 3's Fourth Film Adaptation To Be The 'Final' One

'Persona 3: The Movie #3: Falling Down', the third anime film adaptation of the popular PS2 game, has just hit Japanese theaters, and the ending has revealed that the next (as of yet untitled) film will be the “final episode”. The first and second film have been released in the US, via import, by Aniplex USA, however neither film has been dubbed, and like all Aniplex DVD's, sell at far too high a price for any but the most ardent fans to stomach.

Reports from fans that have seen this movie already seem to suggest this third film ends with Ryoji and Aigis facing off on the bridge, which leaves a fair amount of story left to cover in the fourth film, but not so much as to be impossible. Whether we will then see a future adaptation of the 'The Answer' chapter of Persona 3, or anime adaptations of the 'Persona 4 Arena' series which crosses over the Persona 3 and 4 games, is up in the air.

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