Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fire Emblem 'If' Trailer Released

The crossover with Shin Megami Tensei wasn't the only showing for the Fire Emblem franchise during the Nintendo Direct, as a new trailer for Fire Emblem If (it's Japanese title, the English versions is currently just being referred to as 'Fire Emblem') was streamed as well.

The game is currently set to be released on June 25, 2015 in Japan, with an English release following sometime in 2016, and will detail the story of two opposing kingdoms – the peace-loving Hoshido, and the glory-seeking Nohr. The player character (a creatable avatar that can be either male or female) will be a child born to the Hoshido royal family, but raised by the Nohr royal family. Throughout the game you'll have to decide which kingdom to side with, that of your birthright or that of your upbringing.

In Japan at least, the game is set to be released as two separate games which seemingly would decide which kingdom you'll side with, with the opposite version available as paid DLC, but it's unknown if the American release will keep this format or just re-purpose them together as one game. Additionally, a third DLC route where you side with no one will also be available.

On a personal note, this game is looking pretty great, and serves as a reminder that I really need to go back and play some more of Awakening.

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