Tuesday, April 21, 2015

009 Re:Cyborg English Cast & Release Date Announced

After licensing it a few years ago, FUNimation has finally announced the English release date and cast for the 2012 film '009 Re:Cyborg'. The DVD/Blu-ray combo will be released on July 28th, with a limited edition set to include a 44 page interview and information booklet. The English cast is as follows.

Joe Shimamura/009 – Jason Griffith
Ivan Whisky/001 – Stephanie Sheh
Jet Link/002 – Marc Diraison
Francoise Arnoul/003 – Erin Fitzgerald
Albert Heinrich/004 – Dave B. Mitchell
Geronimo Jr./005 – Patrick Seitz
Chang Changku/006 – Michael Sorich
Great Britain/007 – John White
Pyunma/008 – Marcus Griffin
Dr. Isaac Gilmore – George C. Cole
Samual Klein – Kevin T. Collins
Void – Greg Abbey
Navy Man – Sean Schemmel

FUNimation is collaborating with Michael Sinterniklaas's N.Y.A.V. Post studio for the dub, which is why it has a mixture of LA and NY based voice actors rather than FUNimation's in-house crew. Sinterniklaas is also set to direct alongside Anthony Tortorici.

I only vaguely remember the early 2000's anime series of Cyborg 009 from Toonami, but I liked it well enough to be quite interested in how this film turns out.

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