Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Discotek Licenses Lupin the 3rd V.S. Detective Conan TV Special & Film, & More!

Discotek Media has announced this past Tuesday that it has licensed a slew of new anime, including both the Lupin the 3rd V.S. Detective Conan TV special from 2009, and the Lupin the 3rd V.S. Detective Conan film from 2013. Both the TV special and the film feature a combination of casts from the two franchises. The former tells a story about a country called Vesparand, where a new mineral with super stealth properties has been discovered which attracts Lupin's attention. At the same time the untimely deaths of Queen Sakura and her son, Prince Gill leave Princess Mira next in succession to the throne. During a trip to Japan, Princess Mira finds her double in Ran and takes the opportunity to trade places, which ends with Ran being spirited away to Vesparand with Conan, Zenigata, Kogo Mouri, Lupin and Fujiko in tow. There they meet a waiting Jigen and solve the mystery of the deaths of the Queen and Prince; the latter is a follow-up tale of sorts where Conan's attempt to stop Kid from stealing another jewel brings him face-to-face with Lupin and his gang once more. Meanwhile, Emilio Baretti, a famous Italian singer arrives in Japan with his entourage for a concert that is in danger of being cancelled because of an anonymous threat. As the cases come together, Conan has to solve the underlying cause of unwanted developments unfolding after their arrival.

This is an exciting time for Detective Conan (or as it is also known in the US, 'Case Closed') fans, as it marks the first time since FUNimations run with the series that a new company has licensed something from the franchise. While this doesn't automatically mean anything as Discotek has become the go-to company for Lupin, it does mean they are at least aware of Detective Conan as well – only time will tell if they pick it up as well.

Other titles licensed by Discotek in the same wave of announcements are Library Wars, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Giant Gorg, Sonic X, Dororo, and Shin Getter Robo V.S. Neo Getter Robo.

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