Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fairy Tail - Omake 1: Happy's Little Job

Synopsis: One of Happy's favorite things is fish, and one day while looking at the request board at the guild, he found the perfect job for him. There was a 30,000 jewel reward to catch the extremely rare HanezaCana winged fish, which is considered a delicacy. As a bonus, the person who completes the assignment will get to eat the fish with the client.

Happy is overjoyed, but Lucy is convinced that the fish sounds nasty. Natsu tells her not to come along then, and she says she was never planning to, but in the end she does anyway, which Happy says is cute. Lucy claims she only came to see flying fish, and has no interest in eating them, but Natsu says the real problem is that they might eat her. Indeed, a swarm of the fish do fly around Lucy, chewing on her clothes and hair.

Natsu says that you fish for the HanezaCana from a cliff face that they've now arrived at, and Happy prepares to fish while Natsu cheers him on and Lucy reads a book. After a short while however, Happy gives up because none of the fish are biting. Lucy tries to encourage him, but Happy takes it as being picked on and runs away crying.

By the end of it all however, Happy is able to catch a large cage full of fish, and they head to the client's house for the jewels and meal. Lucy tries some after all, but thinks it tastes nasty. Happy continues to eat his own, which Lucy takes to mean he's really enjoying it, but Happy ends up spitting it all out and saying how terrible it is, while Lucy freaks out that it's even terrible for a cat.

Thoughts: I know this is just a fun little side thing, but for the interest of completion, I wanted to review and talk about these omake as well. And sometimes there's fun little character tidbits in these, so why not?

I was glad to see the omake be a little more focused on Happy. He's a cute little guy, but I'm often left wondering what his deal is in the main story, so getting a nice little side story dedicated to him was nice - though it still doesn't answer any of the questions I have about him. As a cute little omake though, I loved this.

Lucy has gone full fan-service mode in this special however, and instead of wearing her normal outfit, she's wearing some type of sports bra like top, and a mini-skirt with a jacket tied around her waist. So lots of leg, mid-section, and even some side-boob as the fish pull on her top.

Speaking of those fish, I'm not entirely sure they were really nibbling on her, or if that was all in her head after Natsu makes a comment about that. He may have just been teasing her too, because they don't look particularly bloodthirsty to me. They don't even have any teeth that we can see. And in the next panel after that, we don't see any of them leaving Lucy, they're all flying down in the canyon.

I loved the gag with Happy giving up so quickly, only for Lucy to try and cheer him up, and he takes it completely the wrong way somehow or another. I think he's just like Natsu in that he likes to antagonize her though.

I had a feeling that Lucy's prediction of the fish tasting nasty was going to turn out to be true, so Happy loses out on that one, but I guess they still got the jewels? You know, assuming this story is meant to be canon by any means.

As a final note, I'm pretty sure 'jewels' is the name of the currency in this story instead of it being actual jewels - unless that IS the currency, or something - rather than it being something different or anything, since it keeps popping up.

I liked this omake quite a bit, so I'm hoping there's more of them in my future as I keep reading along.

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