Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fan-Made Tribute to Jim Henson's Dinosaurs

Not everyone remembers the early 90's television show, 'Dinosaurs', from Jim Henson Productions, but almost everyone that does remembers it extremely fondly, including myself. The show is truly one of the best sitcoms to have ever come out, and had some of the most amazing puppeteer work ever done by the company, which is saying quite a bit. The show is definitely a 'cult' favorite, and one that is well deserving of it's status.

One fan that remembers wasn't content to just watch the DVD's however, and put together an excellent little tribute to the series, using CG of his own creation to re-create a new version of the 'I'm the Baby, Gotta Love Me' music video that came out of the series. You can watch the video here, and I highly recommend you do if you remember this series at all.

Here's another shot from the video itself, showing the animation a little better.

As you can tell, a lot of heart and hard work went into making this video. I'm not entirely sure I'd want the show back in CG form for real or anything, but that's not what this was about anyway. As a fan tribute, this is simply fabulous.

The video creator's name is David Maug (or 3Davmawey on Youtube), and if you felt the same nostalgia and renewed love of the series that I did from watching this, I suggest you go leave the video a glowing review - it definitely deserves it.

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