Friday, February 22, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 672

Synopsis: The battle with Hirudegarn finished, Tapion lives a peaceful life with the monster sealed completely inside of him, traveling far and wide and meeting many people. He visits Raichi often, but while Tapion has moved on and become more cheerful, Raichi has not, because revenge doesn't stop hatred. One day, a spaceship lands to greet the two 'heroes'...

Thoughts: First off, since this is the first DBM review, I'd like to note some things about how this one will move forward.

I'll be using the names I am most comfortable with for the characters, regardless of what the text on the pages says. This is done mostly because of the sometimes subpar translation this fan comic receives. This will usually mean you'll see the 'dub' names, but occasionally I may use the original Japanese names where differences occur.

With that said, let's move on.

The side-arc we're currently in seems to be wrapping up nicely now, and hopefully we'll be moving into the main story of Multiverse again next. The art of this special continues to be great, so hopefully Beta will stay on board as the main series artist since Gogeta Jr. had to bow out.

I'm liking that Raichi, though no longer crazed, hasn't really 'moved on' per say. It's adding some great depth to his character in this incarnation.

That about sums it up, there's only so much one can say at a page a time obviously. If you're new to Dragon Ball Multiverse, it's best to start reading from the start if you're interested, so check out the series from the beginning here.

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