Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Enter the Dragon Ball Sub Thoughts

What's that, the new weekend installments aren't enough new awesomeness coming in March for you? Well, how about one more new old thing.

Starting up on Friday, March 1st - one day before even the weekly installments start - the 'Dragon Ball Sub Thoughts' will be coming to The Fandom Writer.

What are the 'Sub Thoughts' exactly though? A year or two ago, I began to finally watch the entire Dragon Ball franchise - from Goku meeting Bulma all the way to his fight with Omega Shenron, and all the side-stories along the way - in it's original Japanese form for the very first time. If I was going to be reading that many subtitles though, I was determined to make a project out of it, so I typed up notes on the entire series as I went along, and posted them in their own custom thread over on the FUNimation Forums.

Now, these are less of an episode-by-episode review of the series, and more of a random thoughts blurb, so you shouldn't expect anything too deep out of these. However, there's still some fun entertainment value in them, as well as lots of information you might not have known if you've only watched the dubs, so they'll fit right in with the mission of this blog.

These posts will come on a daily basis for the most part, but even then, it'll take a while to get through it all - I hope your bodies are ready!

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