Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 674

Synopsis:  Raichi is shocked to hear that there are actually going to be Saiyans at this tournament, and the Varga ambassador tells him that there should be a lot of them from various universes there, considering that they're strong and love to fight. Raichi immediately changes his mind and decides to take part in the tournament after all, unable to believe that there are still Saiyans alive. Tapion is surprised, and Raichi says he'll take part because it seems his wish has not yet become reality after all. Tapion doesn't know what Raichi wants, but tells him that he's a good person, so he hopes his wish comes true. Raichi scoffs at being called a good person.

Thoughts: Darn, I was really hoping for an over-the-top comedic reaction from Raichi, but I guess he's grim-serious to a fault. Not surprising really, but still.

You'd have thought that the idea of alternate universes would immediately make a scientist like him think that maybe there's Saiyans out there as well, but I'm assuming he's just become so jaded by it all that his brain never clicked in that direction.

I almost feel bad for Tapion, because I think in the near future, he's going to get a really nasty awakening about Raichi's true nature. On the flip side though, Raichi here certainly seems at ease with where he is as a person, so...he's actually kind of cool in a way.

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