Friday, February 22, 2013

'Digimon: The Official Second Season' Extras Announced

The highly anticipated release of Digimon: Season Two (often referred to by it's original Japanese title of 'Digimon Adventure 02') is fast approaching, and as such, Flatiron Films has finally announced what extras we can expect to see on this release.

In addition to all 50 'season two' episodes (dub only) spread across 8 discs, there will be a 36-page 'character guide' booklet, as well as a gallery (presumably on the last disc) of more than 40 'Villain' sketches.

The previous 'Season One' release also had a booklet that was mostly art of the characters, each Digimon's many forms, and some basic (sometimes incorrect even via the dub) information about them all, so I'm expecting this booklet to be much the same. Curiously enough, the back of that booklet also had translated lyrics for the original Japanese opening, first ending, and Evolution insert song, so I'm curious to see if that will happen again on this one as well.

The set is currently up for pre-order on many sites, but at a retail price of $79, I for one am waiting until I can find a good sale to snag this at a cheaper price.

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