Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introducing 'Classic' Reviews

In the interest of having even more great content to put out here, I have decided to introduce a new kind of review that you can look forward to seeing occasionally. The terminology may be a bit more confusing than you think though, so as such I am first posting this blurb as an explanation. This is a guideline for this blog alone.

A 'Classic' review will be something that I have already previously written and may have even been hosted on a previous blog of mine or a friend's, that I feel is still something of interest for this latest pursuit. The term 'Classic' in front of the review will only mean that this is an old review that has just been re-posted here, rather than a statement on the product in the review itself.

Because of it being a previously done review, some parts of it may not be up-to-date compared to stuff I'd write anew now, so please go into them with that in mind.

Hopefully this explanation is straight forward enough to follow. Keep on the look out for more things to come!

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