Sunday, February 24, 2013

About Dragon Ball Multiverse

It occurred to me after posting the first page review for this fan comic that, while I can assume people will know what Naruto is and what to expect if they'll be reading a new chapter review on that, that I can't assume everyone here will know what a fanmade comic is going to be about if I start from the middle. So while I can't pledge myself to back-reviewing any of this yet (but may do so with a future fan-fiction review), I didn't want to just leave everyone hanging either.

So while this one is going up after the first page review, all other fan-made story-based materials will have this as their first post before any reviews come, so that you'll have this to backtrack to if you're interested in the story but haven't already started following it.

So with that said, here's a quick crash course on 'Dragon Ball Multiverse'.

Dragon Ball Multiverse is a long-running fan-comic that was started by two French fans, with the story done by Salagir and the art (originally) done by Gogeta Jr., who has since bowed out and the 'main' comic will be continued with a new artist. The comic also has several 'side-stories' that are done throughout the release, focusing on background stories of various characters, as well as some side-story fanfiction.

The story of Dragon Ball Multiverse takes place after the end of Dragon Ball Z (ignoring GT entirely), where a group of bird-like aliens approach our heroes on Kami's Lookout, to invite them to the biggest tournament the universe – and many others – have ever seen. Naturally they agree to attend, and lots of foes both familiar and unknown, from various different backgrounds and coming from alternate universes, come out of the woodworks. There are many different incarnations of familiar characters, such as a Goku that never hit his head; a Krillin who has become the strongest and 'master' character; and even a universe where Vegito never de-fused and Bra is a powerful fighter in her own right.

Throwing together chaotic elements like this will only breed trouble however, and dark forces do seem to be on the move beneath the veil of the tournament. What will happen in the end is unknown, but it's sure fun to read along and find out.

The pace of new releases is relatively well done with normally a new page every two-to-three days, though occasionally the story still feels really drawn out as a result of this method.

You can read this entire story from the beginning on the official site.

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