Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dragon Ball Multiverse - Page 673

Synopsis: Tapion is informed that if he wins the tournament, he'll be able to wish his brother back to life. Enthused by this prize, he immediately signs up, but Raichi declines. Tapion asks him why since he's much stronger than he is, as well as being able to use his ghosts, but Raichi says that he's achieved his goal and has no wish to dream now. The Varga visitor says that's too bad, as Tapion inquires about who else is participating. The Varga is unsure, as they are among the first to be visited, but most likely it will be an eclectic mix of Kaio-shin, Frost Demons, and...Saiyans.

Thoughts: Interesting...apparently Tapion never found out about any Dragon Balls in their own universe, despite having traveled around quite a bit. Perhaps something still happens to the Earth and Namek in this universe, even without the Saiyans to worry about? Either way, I hate that I'm kind of rooting for him now, as I'd love to see him get his brother back...but I don't think he'll be winning this tournament.

We come to a bit of an annoyance of mine with the comic though, at Tapion's mention of Raichi being stronger than him. There's really been no proof that Raichi is a contender - his first match was against a joke character of Akira Toriyama himself - and using his ghosts would probably be considered 'outside help' and wouldn't be allowed. People have theorized that perhaps in this continuity he can transform into Hatchyak himself instead of it being a seperate being, so that could come into play I suppose.

The problem of Tapion being considered so weak still exists however. According to Salagir's own words, he considers Tapion to be just a 'musician' rather than a fighter. I'm not really comfortable with this summarization of the character myself. It's true we don't really see him fight in the movie he's from, but I'd assume to contain Hirudegarn he'd have to have some level of power. And when you consider the implications that in this version, he's likely going to be able to use Hirudegarn's power as his own - much like a jinchuriki in Naruto - it's just so weird to see him get short-changed so badly. Ah well, it's his comic, we are but readers.

Anyway, I'm really hoping that we'll get an over-the-top reaction from Raichi on the next page, as it seems like the only reason he's going to enter is to get to kill more Saiyans. Or perhaps to wish for the death of all Saiyans in every universe? Hmm...

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