Monday, June 22, 2015

Vampire Hunter D - V is for Vampire AMV

AMV link:  here
AMV creator: Shae Studios Youtube Channel
Series:  Vampire Hunter D/Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
Song:  V is for Vampire by Powerman 5000

Vampire Hunter D is a phenomenon that's been going on for well over 20 years at this point and it still keeps things in the vampire genre fresh and inovating.  The original film, Vampire Hunter D, though it shows it's age, is still a landmark film responsible for introducing many in the West to anime.  It's second film Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (based on the 3rd novel) more closely resembles the famed Yoshitaka Amano's (of Final Fantasy fame) artstyle all while telling an intriguing tale of forbidden love.

With Discotek releasing a new print of Bloodlust and Sentai Filmworks releasing the original film, albeit with a new dub and no sign of the original Streamline dub (which is actually incredibly accurate to the Japanese version); I figured it was time to see if this fantastic series had gotten some AMVs done for it.

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