Monday, May 18, 2015

Persona 4: The Golden Licensed by Aniplex USA

Aniplex USA has announced that they will be releasing the anime adaptation of Persona 4: The Golden as two 6-episode Blu-ray volumes in sub only format, with the first set to come out on July 21st. The volumes will also come with an original soundtrack CD, deluxe booklets, and a postcard set.

Sentai released the first Persona 4 anime, and for a variety of reasons, I really wish they had gotten this one as well. Sentai was able to get us a dub that got most of the original game cast back (and even some of the replacements soon became the new official cast members, and thus probably weren't their fault), and their sets, while pricey, weren't anywhere near the kind of pricing we can definitely expect to see from Aniplex, who excel at price gouging to an ungodly degree. Needless to say, this is far from stellar news from where I sit.

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